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The Scottish Karate Federation was founded on Thursday 17th December 1970, by nine karate students, three of whom are still active members of the SKF, Hamish Adam 8th Dan, Colin Clapperton 8th Dan and Allan Spence 7th Dan. It was originally called 'Wado-Ryu Karate Committee' (Scotland).

Today the SKF is the largest and most successful karate association in Scotland. We are members of the Scottish Karate Governing Body, the only recognised Governing Body for Karate in Scotland.

The SKF celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a reception and dinner held on the 5th March 2011. Check out the photo album on Flickr.

The SKF hosted the 37th European Wado Cup in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st October 2009, see the official website for photos, videos and results from the event. www.skfscotland.co.uk/wadocup09

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About The SKF

The SKF teaches Wado Kai Karate around Scotland with Club mainly based in Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife, the Borders and Lanarkshire. For more information please visit our clubs page.

Website Features

This website aims to keep members up to date on events, both within the SKF and outside events that may be of interest, as well as news and results. Pay for your SKF Licence Renewal Online.

Please look at the new kumite section for videos of referees signals, scoring techniques and warnings.

For those interested in traditional karate, try viewing the gradings page for info on kyu and dan gradings including the syllabus. One favourite feature of this website is the animations of katas, particularly helpful for children learning kata.

Check out the "Who's Who" section for information on the Executive Committee, SKF Scotland Squad, Instructors etc.

The Referees page has downloads of the Rules of Karate Competition, Exam Papers, Score Sheets and details of forthcoming courses and qualified referees.

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