SKF Licence Renewal

To apply for your first SKF Licence please contact your instructor for a new licence application form in order to apply by post.

To renew your licence, select whether you require a Junior Licence (14 years or under) or a Senior Licence (15 years or above), complete the details below and click Pay Now to pay with PayPal. Please ensure your licence number is correct.

Please Note: From 1st June 2014 SKF Licence Fees increased to £20 for a Junior Licence and £25 for a Senior Licence.

SKF Licence Number:  
Licencee's Name:  
Club Name:  
Type of Licence:  
Address:   Enter the licencee's address as the postal address on paypal.
Change of Details:   If changes to name/address/club leave a note on paypal.
Correspondance Email:  
Get SKF Emails:  
Please Note your licence slip may take up to 21 days to process.

Licencing Officer

  • Steven Muir

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