Who's Who

This section of our website is to tell you who our Office Bearers, Life Members Technical Committee, Sports Committee, Refereeing Commission and Elite Squad are.

Office Bearers:

Hamish Adam 8th Dan (Chairman)
Colin Clapperton 8th Dan (Head of Technical Committee)
Charlie Lindsay 7th Dan (Member of Technical Committee)
Grant Bonar 6th Dan (Vice Chairman)
Stuart Robertson 2nd Dan (Secretary)
Peter Rogers 6th Dan (Dan Grade Secretary)
Callum McLay 6th Dan (Kata Coach)
Bruce Reeves 5th Dan (Licencing Officer)
Lesley Cairns 5th Dan (Treasurer & Child Protection Officer)
Lisa Scott 5th Dan (Webmaster)
Steven Adam 5th Dan (Kumite Coach)

Life Members:

Matt MacKay Snr 2nd Dan

David Scott 5th Dan

Archie Russell 5th Dan

Robert Thomson 4th Dan

Technical Committee:

Hamish Adam 8th Dan
Colin Clapperton 8th Dan
Charlie Lindsay 7th Dan

Sports Committee:

Steven Adam 5th Dan Lisa Scott 5th Dan
Kirsten Bonar 5th Dan Eric Wood 5th Dan
Pamela Robb 2nd Dan

Refereeing Commission:

Charlie Lindsay 7th Dan
Grant Bonar 6th Dan

SKF Elite Squad :

(Elite Squad Criteria)
14/15 Years 16/17 Years 18 Years+
Jenna McDonald Fraser Albiston Hannah Wood
Jack Bucley Toni McLay Kate Holligan
  Leha Millar Jamie Bradley
    Daniel Hogg
    Thomas Scott
    Matthew Tainsh
Note for instructors: Please check details for your clubs are listed correctly in our club directory.

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